Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2022 Issue №1

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Features of professional teacher training: Singapore experience



The article presents an analysis of the features of teacher training in Singapore, a country that has high international acclaim for the achievements of schoolchildren. The goals of pedagogical education focus on social values and ethical principles, while technologies and methods are aimed at pedagogical reflection and practical preparation of students for various educational situations. A separate aspect of the digitalization of teacher education is highlighted, i. e., the format and purpose of the professional portfolio of the future teacher. The main goal of the article is to expand the evidence base of research in the field of teacher education by analyzing the specifics of teacher training for the education system in Singapore, which plays a decisive role promoting school education in this country.

Methodologically, the study relied on an integrated approach with elements of a socio-­cultural approach while analyzing the features of the educational situation in Singapore, an axiological approach to organizing the training of future teachers. The main method is a comparative analysis of quantitative and qualitative data on the development of education in Singapore, the information from the official educational Internet resources of Singapore, the International Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), papers and discussions of the international seminar “Pedagogical Education 21st century: new challenges and solutions” (Belarus, Minsk, 2021). The interdisciplinary method of PEST-analysis was used as an additional method.

A comparative analysis of the state, main ideas and trends in the development of teacher education in Singapore revealed specific features in the principles, goals, values and technologies of training future teachers. The modern model of teacher training is based on the relationship between reflective professional practice and pedagogical research. The novelty of the current research lies in the analysis of teacher education in Singapore, a country with high rates of school education quality, in the political, economic and socio-­cultural context.