Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2022 Issue №1

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The impact of fashion magazines language onto the trends in speech



The article studies the mass media impact on the integration and the rooting of highly specialized vocabulary of fashionable discourse in the Russian language. Due to this goal the author analyzed the vocabulary of modern fashion magazines, in particular the linguistic borrowings of the clothing items names of the terms that have already established themselves in the world fashion discourse. A certain attention is paid to new color terms, which, as a rule, appear in French and English languages to be traced in Russian later. The study finds that the highly specialized vocabulary of the fashion sphere enters Russian language primarily due to the printed editions, then it settles in the conversational speech to be back to their pages in a new perfected form. This process contributes to the consolidation and the widespread usage of the fashion industry vocabulary in modern Russian. The frequency of certain lexemes used in speech gets influenced by the popularity of objects or phenomena named by them, as well as by the trend for the words themselves.