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2021 Issue №2

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Areas of effective cooperation between ASEAN and civil society in South-East Asia



Evolution of civil society in South-East Asia have been widely analyzed in the framework of current political researches dedicated to regionalization processes in that part of the world. In this regard, special attention has been given to the implementation of ASEAN’s concept of strengthening cooperation with CSO’s. This article aims at identifying the areas of effective cooperation between official ASEAN and civil society organizations in the region. The research is based on the concept of "New regionalism", which refers to the increasing involvement of civil society in regional integration processes, following such global trends as decentralization of national power, a global shift to multi-polar world etc. The author identified three such areas of effective cooperation: maritime piracy, natural disaster management and the rights of migrant workers. These cases may serve as a successful example for expanding the cooperation between official ASEAN and civil society into other areas of regional priority.