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2021 Issue №2

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Methodology of profiling



The paper considers methodological aspects of profiling as an unconventional technique studied by criminology and focuses on the main fields used by profiling abroad and in Russia. The purpose of the study is to develop a methodological base with which it is possible to use profiling as a searching technique in forensic science. The study analyses similarities and differences between the compilation of a criminal’s psychological portrait and profiling. Based on comparative and retrospective analyses, profiling theoretical developments are built, as well as the main methods that make up its methodology.

The author concludes that profiling is a complex technique that synthesizes provisions from other sciences, but the synthesis takes place within the framework of the search for a criminal and his intended place of residence. The author also questions the differences between the psychological portrait of a criminal and profiling, the methods used by profiling and the portrait, as well as their objectives. The author analyzes the method of geographic profiling, as well as the possibilities of its application in domestic science and practice. The concept of diagnostic profiling and the main directions of its application are defined.