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2021 Issue №3

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The racial issue in the context of the activation of intraparty pressure groups in Great Britain in the 1950―1960 s



The relevance of the article is connected with the evolution of the racial issue, which includes a large amount of different social problems. These problematic developed after the Second World War and still stay a very important. This article provides an analysis of the evolution of special lobbies in British political system, and their influence on the creation of political decisions in this sphere of migration in 1965. The research was created in the functional paradigm, which provides to explore relationships between government structures and political currents of Tories. Based on unexplored proclamations of lobbying groups there was created an assumption, that the structural design of these pressure groups and the formation of their internal committees were the keys factors that allowed lobbyists to achieve their goals. In their work, this club and another right wing lobbies used «migration and racial map» as a tool of political struggle.