Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2021 Issue №4

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Reception of German Literature by Syrian Translators and Critics in the Context of German-Arabic Literary Relations



The article deals with the issue of reception the German literature in Syria in the general context of German-Arab literary relations. It has been established that now the problem of German literature perception among the Arabic language speakers is relevant. Syria is not considered to be a center for translation of works into Arabic, though the number of translators and publishers popularizing German literature in Syria is growing. The activities of translators (for example, Abdo Abbud, Fuad Ayub, Mohammed Jadid, Ahmed Al-Hammo), who played an important role in promoting the works of German-speaking authors, are examined in detail. The novel by German writer Patrick Süskind «Perfumer» («Das Parfum») was chosen as an example for a more detailed analysis.