Physics, mathematics, and technology

2021 Issue №3

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Intellectualiza­tion of operational and technological control of regional electric power by cog­nitive hybrid intelligent systems. Part 3



Substantial thinking is traditional for a modern person, who is character­ized by a description of the world as a set of spatially localized objects-things-resources. The language of operational-technological control was developed on the basis of the tradition of A. V. Kolesnikova — V. F. Ponomarev's semiotic, multilingual representation of operational and technological control of a cer­tain class of complex systems, the basis of which is a verbal-sign, relational lan­guage for describing situations and the state of a controlled object. The lan­guage was specified using the conceptual theory of Z. D. Popova and I. A. Ster­nin, as well as the universal subject code of N. I. Zhinkin. The work desc­ribes the categorical core and subject-pictorial coding of the two-unit cat­ego­rical basis of the language of relations and connections of the object of op­erational and technological control, and also describes the conceptual scheme of the language and presents the results of the development of its mapping in­to the scheme "System of operational and technological control". The last has cognitive hybrid intelligent system as an actor.