Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2021 Issue №3

On implementing the professional retraining program «Oligofrenope­da­gogics» in a hybrid format


The article focuses on the urgent issue of the lack in the human resources who will be able to deliver counseling service for physically challenged stu­dents studying in the educational institutions of the Kaliningrad Region. For this reason, the professional retraining program “Oligophrenopedagogics” has been designed and implemented in Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. The core points of the program include the questions relevant to professional readiness to teach students with health disabilities and teachers’ inclusive cul­ture. All of them are aimed at gaining the teachers’ competence “to be able to tackle strategic, tactical and operative challenges in inclusive education taking into account the special education policy framework and the specificity of the Kaliningrad Region”.

The effectiveness of the professional retraining program “Oligophreno­pedagogics” is revealed through the results of the final assessment and the feed­back from students. It verifies the actual significance and the great de­mand for the professional retraining program “Oligophrenopedagogics” in the Kalininпrad Region.

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