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2021 Issue №2

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Implementation of the INTERREG program in the Kaliningrad region and neighboring countries: a brief overview



As part of the study, the authors have considered the Interreg Programme as a tool for the cross-border cooperation development. The projects granted from «Russia — Lithuania» Interreg Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) Pro­gramme 2014—2020 and «Poland — Russia» Interreg CBC Programme 2014—2020 have been the research subjects. The authors have identified the most active actors of cross-border cooperation from the Kaliningrad region and the border regions of Lithuania and Poland and have compared the out­comes with the results of the previous Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) Pro­grammes. The research has recognized the municipalities constantly partici­pating in the projects, aimed at promoting social and economic development and strengthening international cooperation. The research objective has been to analyze and compare the results of the implementation of the CBC Pro­grammes in different programme periods. It has singled out the tendencies in the cross-border cooperation development in the Kaliningrad region of the Rus­sian Federation. The authors relied on the methodology based on a desk re­search analysis (literature review, the previous authors research and reports regarding the implementation of the CBC programmes) as well as a quantita­tive analysis and qualitative research methodology (interviews conducted with the project executors). Projects beneficiaries on the Lithuanian-Polish border­land in 2020 were also interviewed and it helped to compare the implementa­tion procedures of the projects co-financed by the Interreg Programme: the projects on the Lithuanian-Polish borderland with the projects of the CBC programmes «Poland — Russia» и «Lithuania — Russia». The study also re­ferred to the results of the official evaluation of the Interreg Programmes made in 2018 and 2019 on the other European borders. The authors themselves par­tic­ipate in implementation of cross-border projects so an observation method has been used as well.