Natural and medical sciences

2021 Issue №2

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On strengthening the territorial differentiation of the rural popu­lation and the agrarian sector of the economy in the Russian Federation



Rural settlement in Russia and its dynamics are subject to the general laws of spatial development of the economy and demography, the most im­portant of which is polarization. At the same time, regional settlement sys­tems differ greately due to both physical and economic geographical factors, which may show some discrepencies because of the vast country's territory. These differences are taken into account in the Spatial Development Strategy of the Russian Federation, but require further study through identification of criteria for assessing regional settlement systems and concretization of regula­tion measures. The ways of the settlement evolution should also be taken into account in the strategies of the regional socio-economic development. Having studied the statistical data published by Rosstat, the article analyzes the terri­torial features of rural settlement and its changes in relation to the level, structure and dynamics of agricultural production in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Given their essential ekistic and economic charac­teristics, the author made a typological grouping of regions, which is intended for practical use in the regional policy of the state and in the preparation of spatial and strategic planning documents at the regional level. The author suggests adapting the concept of the Unified Settlement System, developed in the Soviet period, in orfer to improve the regional systems of settlements in Central Russia.