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2021 Issue №1

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The closed piecewise uniform string revisited



We reconsider the composite string model introduced 30 years ago to study the vacuum energy. The model consists of a scalar field, describing the transversal vibrations of a string consisting of piecewise constant sections with different tensions and mass densities, keeping the speed of light constant across the section. We consider the spectrum using transfer matrices and Chebyshev polynomials to get a closed formula for the eigenfrequencies. We calculate vacuum and free energy as well as the entropy of this system in two approaches, one using contour integration and another one using a Hurwitz zeta function. The latter results in a representation in terms of finite sums over polynomials. Several limiting cases are considered as well, for instance, the high-temperature expansion, which is expressed in terms of the heat kernel coefficients. The vacuum energy has no ultraviolet divergences, and the corresponding heat kernel coefficient  is zero due to the constancy of the speed of light. This is in parallel to a similar situation in macroscopic elect­ro­dynamics.


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