Physics, mathematics, and technology

2021 Issue №1

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Intellectualization of operational and technological control of regional electric power by cognitive hybrid intelligent systems. Part 2



Studies of intelligent control in a dynamic environment and the work of an operator have revealed serious differences between the mental image of an operational and technological control object and its display in automated sys­tems used by the operator, which prevents him from working and performing actions in his mind, and contributes to the occurrence of data interpretation errors. The processing of heterogeneous information by logical-symbolic meth­ods has been studied and the results are widely used in practice. However, the questions of the right-handed, visual-figurative reasoning of the operator re­main unexplored. Such reasoning provides intuitive decision-making based on the demonstrated image of the problem situation and the proposed options for understanding it,. This paper presents the results of the study of the subject of operational and technological management in the regional power system, the features of his work, thinking and his surrounding reality.