Physics, mathematics, and technology

2020 Issue №4

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Intellectualization of operational and technological control of regional electric power by cognitive hybrid intelligent systems. Part 1



One of the most difficult task for an operator is the operational work with an image in intelligent complex dynamic control systems of a directly not per­ceptible object and projecting information from the outside onto this image. In this regard, the development of computer imitation of cognitive formations will lead to an increase in human intelligence in operational work, by supple­menting the operator's natural abilities to process operational and technologi­cal information by software and hardware (mechanisms) that expand human thought processes. This paper presents the results of the work of the first stage of the second year of the research on the topic of cognitive hybrid intelligent systems. Namely, results of the study of the operational and technological con­trol system of the regional electric power system, results of the categorization of the ontological semantics of the objective reality and the mathematical reali­ty of the object of technology operations activities.