IKBFU's Vestnik

2020 Issue №4

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Secure sending of messages over the mesh network based on bluetooth



In the paper we discuss the main problems that have to be solved to en­sure the confidentiality of communication between the nodes of mesh networks based on smartphones. We describe the important details of Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy technologies, using which you can solve some of the problems described. Next, we briefly describe elliptic curve cryptography and choose a specific curve for it. We build an Elliptic Curve Integrated Encryp­tion Scheme based on the elliptic curves key exchange and various crypto primitives that allows exchanging protected information using symmetric en­cryption. We also describe the processes of encryption and decryption of mes­sages using this. As a result, the described technologies and the hybrid scheme are combined into the basic algorithm for secure data transmission over a mesh network based on Bluetooth, sufficient for software implementation.