Physics, mathematics, and technology

2020 Issue №3

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The influence of implantation on the bright-ness of nitrogen-vacancy centers



We investigate the properties of spin states in the electronic ground state of a single nitrogen-vacancy center (NV–) in 13C-enriched diamond. The anal­ysis is based on application of a method that uses a complete set of commuting operators (CSCO). Each state is characterized by a single set of values of CSCO. The properties of the spin states change at the level anti-crossing (LAC). This change leads to an increase in the spin-lattice relaxation rate and to a change in the ODMR spectrum. The LAC can occur during implantation and thus influence the observed yield of NV- centers of a certain type. We as­sume that during cascade transitions between the states of some NV- centers obtained by implantation, an intense 13C NMR signal can be observed. It is important to note that optical pumping of such NV- centers can be carried out in an arbitrary magnetic field.