Physics, mathematics, and technology

2020 Issue №3

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Effects of storm events on the upper atmos-phere in the Baltic sea



The paper presents the results of observations the ionospheric parameters in Kaliningrad (54° N, 20° E) during a meteorological storm in the Baltic sea on October 2018. The analysis of ionospheric variations showed the increase in the total electron content reached 20 % relative to the averaged values, and the increase in the critical frequency of the F2 layer was 19 % during the storm. The increase in the amplitudes of ionospheric variations with periods of 6—20 min over the area of a meteorological storm was also revealed. The re­sults of the numerical experiment on the disturbance of the upper atmosphere due to the observed variations in surface pressure also showed an increase in wave activity with periods of ~ 15 min and the formation of a large-scale dis­turbance at the heights of the thermosphere.