Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2020 Issue №4

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Genre specificity of V. Maksimov’s novel “Farewell from No­where”: to the problem of spiritual tradition



The article analyses the genre of the autobiographical novel by Vl. Maksimova in the context of the spiritual tradition and in connection with the typology of literary heroes. The study reveals closeness of the novel-confession “Farewell from Nowhere” to the semantic form of “confession-deed” (M. Bakhtin), embodied in the ancient Russian “Teachings” by Vladi­mir Monomakh. The type of hero-protagonist is determined by the spiritual movement he makes along the path of personal repentance and gaining inner freedom. The motive of farewell is combined in the novel with the form of con­fession and becomes an act on the part of the author. This characterizes the genre of the novel “Farewell from Nowhere” as connected with the national spiritual tradition and the organic inclusion of genre forms inherent in the novel of the twentieth century.