Natural and medical sciences

2020 Issue №4

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Geographical structure and dynamics of foreign trade relations of the Republic of Crimea with the border countries and economic security issues



The status of the Republic of Crimea as a new border region of Russia prioritizes the study of the region's foreign economic relations. The article fo­cuses on general and particular foreign trade indicators of the Republic of Crimea while ensuring economic security of the region. The author analyzes the features of the post-Soviet export-import operations dynamics in the Cri­mean border region considering the changes in the scale of foreign trade after the reunification of the Crimea with the Russian Federation. The article de­scribes the transformation of the geographical structure of the Crimean for­eign trade relations in the context of modern geo-economic and geopolitical processes. «Turn to the East» and Russia's participation the integration pro­cesses of «Greater Eurasia» are found to have an impact on the foreign trade of the Republic of Crimea. Special attention is given to the Republic's position in the foreign trade relations in the Greater Black Sea region. The article de­scribes the specifics of exports and imports commodity structure with core partner countries. It is revealed that large-scale changes in the foreign trade of the Republic of Crimea were influenced by external restrictions (sanctions and blockades) and the process of reorientation of Crimean enterprises to domestic commodity markets. Foreign trade is concluded to be the least stable segment of the Crimean economy.