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2020 Issue №2

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Mobility and migration intentions of the Reform Generation and Millennials of the Kaliningrad region



This paper focuses on the results of a sociological study of mobility and migration intentions of the Reform Generation and Millennials in the Kali­ningrad region. In this regard, different approaches to the theory of genera­tions are analyzed. The authors define the age groups that make up the Reform Generation and the Millennials and identify features of the designated genera­tions. The article makes an attempt to combine the method of cohort analysis with the theory of generations. A significant number of respondents happen to be in the region while migrating, so they were asked about the reasons for mov­ing, and were asked to compare the standard of living in the Kaliningrad region with other regions of Russia and neighboring countries. The authors defined the most significant attraction factors for the two selected generations. At the same time, questions were asked about the factors of departure from the Kaliningrad region. The responses showed different priorities depending on the age and gen­der of the survey participants. As a result of the study, the au­thors came to the problem of heterogeneity in both the Reform Generation and the Millennials. Therefore, the paper draws attention, on the one hand, to the scientific signifi­cance, on the other hand, to the debatable theory of genera­tions.