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2020 Issue №2

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Some issues of the notary certified transactions



The article reveals the concept and place of the notary in certified transac­tions. It considers such problematic issues as transactions, civil law and civil process, electronic transactions, the role of the notary public in the digital space when certifying transactions. Particular attention is paid to transac­tions requiring mandatory notarization, as well as real estate transactions. The general rules for transactions notarization, their features and interaction between the court and the notary public regarding the certification of transac­tions are investigated. The article analyzes the main provisions of the Funda­mentals of the legislation of the Russian Federation on notaries, the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federa­tion, makes some suggestions for improving the legislation.
Notarial certification of transactions is primary among other notarial acts; certification of transactions on the alienation of real estate with the pro­posal of their mandatory notarization require a special approach and research; the paper also focuses on the need for electronic notaries in certifying transac­tions, as well as the digital transactions.