Natural and medical sciences

2020 Issue №3

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The geographical image of Kaliningrad and its branding policy (the case of a sociological survey of the city residents)



The article focuses on the results of a sociological survey of the city resi­dents the main purpose of which is to identify the features of the geographical image of their city. The authors attempt at answering the question whether the comprehensive image of urban geospace coincides with the urban devel­opment tasks stated by the urban planners, city government and architects. The methodology designed by the authors determines the interview as a pri­mary tool for collecting research material. The online platform attracted the citizens’ attention to the issues of urban development and drew the most open answers to a number of key challenges in the development of Kaliningrad. The obtained results indicate that the popular image of the city is not fully con­sistent with its development strategy. The findings brought a number of rec­ommendations to promote the image strategy of Kaliningrad.