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2020 Issue №1

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Decay of a weak gap and wave propagation in a nonlocal environment with a source



A spatially non-local fourth-order wave equation with a source is consid­ered. The results are set out in terms of the heat transfer theory. The tempera­ture derivative of the source function is positive (a technical source) or nega­tive (a source in biological tissue). The wave velocity (subsonic, sonic, super­sonic) is determined with respect to the velocity of propagating heat perturba­tions. We give examples of the exact solving the problem of disintegration of a weak discontinuity in the temperature field. This problem is set as follows. In the initial state the continuous thermal field contains a point of a weak discon­tinuity; in that point the first coordinate derivative undergoes a first-order rupture. Further the weak discontinuity disintegrates into two waves which propagate in opposite directions. Initiation of such waves is discussed in de­tail. A technical source: two subsonic, sonic or supersonic waves; the non-uniform space in front of the waves is spatially periodic; in a particular case spatial non-uniformity is localized on both sides of a weak discontinuity. A source in biological tissue: the thermal field between the waves is a superpo­si­tion of two running waves for which the product of velocity moduli is equal to the square of propagating thermal perturbations velocity. The non-uniform space in front of the waves is spatially periodic and is displayed as spatial co­ordinate beating. An example is built for disintegration of a weak discontinui­ty when time evolution in the perturbed region leads to forming a standing wave.


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