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2020 Issue №2

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Diagnostic criteria for splenomegaly (review)



Spleen, as a lymphoid organ, can activate itself in certain diseases, which is macroscopically manifested by splenomegaly. At certain stages of a disease development, splenomegaly may be an only symptom. There are different ways to detect splenomegaly with physical diagnostic methods and instru­mental studies, but their results can be rather contradictory. The aim of the research is to provide a critical analysis of a varity of instruments. The article offers a good review of a varity of papers and methodologies on this topic in the RSCI and PubMed databases. There are different methods for determining splenomegaly in children and adults. Most researchers note relationship be­tween the size and volume of the spleen with the height of patients and the lack of connection with the patient’s weight and body mass index. Historical­ly, there is a transition from strict criteria for splenomegaly (a certain value of the length, volume of an organ, the area of its transverse section) to formulas that take into account the anthropometric characteristics of patients (gender, height).