Natural and medical sciences

2020 Issue №2

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Assessment of transport accessibility of rural territories of the Kaliningrad region using methods of sociological research



The modern socio-economic model entails the intensification of rural – urban interaction. First of all, the process manifested itself in the growth of population flows, daily commuting between the village and the city. As a re­sult, the rural population expects a high-quality transport infrastructure and an efficiently functioning public transport network. Using sociological tools, the authors analyze the degree of satisfaction of the rural population from the eastern municipalities of the Kaliningrad region with a current public transport network and the quality of transport services provided. The findings led to the conclusion that the existing passenger management system satisfies most of the respondents. At the same time, according to the responses, the network asks for both infrastructural and systematic development, especially in the most ‘challenged’ municipalities of the Kaliningrad region. The Slavsky municipality is considered to be the most exposed nfrastructurally, while Gvardeysk experiences organizational difficulties.