Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2020 Issue №3

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Socio-psychological factors provoking aggression in adoles­cents



The article considers a wide range of socio-psychological factors leading to aggression of various degrees among adolescents. This research aims to study and compare the degree of aggression caused by socio-psychological fac­tors among adolescents aged 12—16. The study group included 109 teenagers of 12—16 age group — 60 girls and 49 boys who live in Zhytomyr. The re­search relied on the Buss-Perry Aggression Questionnaire (BPAQ) and the questionnaire Direction of Aggression in Adolescents, which was designed by E. K. Ageenkova, M. V. Tarasova and P. M. Larionov. The study analysed gender aspects of aggression and the focus of aggression among adolescents in connection with frustrating factors that occur in school environment, family, in their relations with peers, their social environment, as well as adolescents’ perception of themselves. It was found that the highest aggression among ado­lescents is caused by psychological pressure exerted on them, violation of per­sonal integrity and lack of personality recognition. Teenagers are acutely aware of the injustice they see in the world, combined with the insensitive and inhumane attitudes of some people. Aggression in adolescents in most cases is a reaction to adverse social conditions for which not only adolescents but adults are responsible.