Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2020 Issue №3

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The conflict of the intellectual and the boor in the plays by S. Mrożek “Tango” and A. Chekhov “Cherry orchard”



This article examines the social and cultural conflict, the essence of which lies in the opposition of the intellectual and the boor in Chekhov's play “The Cherry Orchard” and in S. Mrożek play “Tango”. The comparative analysis of the works reveals the national, historical and social specificity of the conflict between the intellectual and the boor in the context of the crisis of modern Western civilization. The author concludes that the disintegration of the bourgeois ethos in Chekhov's metaphysical theatre is more than natural and the paradoxical reconciliation of the parties to the conflict in Mrożek's absur­distic play, devoid of metaphysics, is also more than anticipated.