Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2020 Issue №3

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Linguistic and cultural focus of specialised technical translation in the steel industry (Russian, English, and German languages)



The article analyses linguistic and cultural features of specialised transla­tion in the steel industry. Technical translation has always been in high de­mand and occupies a significant niche in the translation services market. At the same time, experts mention the frequency of low-quality translations, which indicates certain issues in this type of practice. The authors attempt to consider the most frequent challenges in technical translation focusing on the texts and communicative situations of translation in the steel industry, con­sidering the transfer of terminology, lexical ambiguity, cultural specificity of technological processes, aspects of regulation and standardization, interfer­ence and borrowing from other cultures and issues of accent and dialect in speech communication with non-native speakers. The illustrative and novel nature of the research proceeds from a comparative analysis of the empirical material of three languages: Russian, English, and German. The study relies on observation, analysis, synthesis, generalization, content analysis, as well as the comparative method allow expanding the scope of research on the technol­ogy and problems of translating a special text and formulate recommendations for the translator.