Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2020 Issue №3

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English borrowings in modern mass media



The article explores the typology of modern English borrowings in mass media texts. The main aim of the article is to identify and describe the types of English borrowings by analyzing how they got adapted in the Russian lan­guage. The first type includes the borrowings, which date back to the late XX and the early XXI centuries and entered the Russian dictionaries of borrow­ings. The second type is represented by the borrowings that are used in the Russian spoken and written language, but are not included in dictionaries. The borrowings of the third type are the English words that are rarely used. All the borrowed lexical units are classified according to the time they entered Russian dictionaries and the Russian National Corpus. This result relies on the earlier studies that examine the process of borrowings adaptation and is intended to stimulate further academic discussion and research.