Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2020 Issue №3

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Regional denonyms of the 1940s: the use of deno­nyms in regional newspapers



The use of denonyms in regional newspaper texts of the XX century helps to elucidate the development trends in this lexis. Regional newspapers are a perfect source for observation as it is the language of the media that both re­flects and shapes the worldview and linguistic competencies of a native speak­er. Various local publications complement each other and contribute to a more complete picture of the use of denonyms within the region as a whole and its separate territories. The Bolshevik Slovo newspaper of the Bykovsky District and the Bolshevik Victory of the Kalachevsky District were selected as sources of information. The chosen time frame of 1941—1945 allows us to identify the characteristic features of regional denomination during one of the most diffi­cult periods of the past century and to identify the extralinguistic factors, which had an impact on the lexis studied. Statistical and contextual methods are used to analyze the frequency of use and semantic content variability. The proposed approach makes it possible to study the peculiarities of the develop­ment and spelling of derivatives in the texts of the regional wartime newspa­pers.