Natural and medical sciences

2020 Issue №1

Normal range of liver stiffness measurement in healthy people


The article focuses on normative values of the liver shear wave elas­tography and comparison of various works in elastography of the internation­al and Rus­sian research. A variety of normal values of liver stiffness during shear wave elastography obtained by different authors when measuring on various devices are presented. The normal range of liver stiffness measure­ments in healthy peo­ple var­ies widely: the normal liver elasticity values may vary in range of 1.5—7.5 kPa on measuring by transient elastography (Fi­broScan, Echosens); 2.4—6.2 kPa on measuring by point shear wave elas­tography (iU elite, Philips); 2.6—6.2 kPa on measuring by 2D shear wave elastography (Aixplorer, Supersonic Imagine). The liver shear wave velocity varies in the range of 0.71—1.71 m/s on measur­ing by the point shear wave elastography. The given data of the normal liver stiffness measurement and shear wave velocity in healthy people could not be taken as the reference data for assessing the normal values. Consensus is needed on the subject of normal values of the liver stiffness measurements and shear wave velocity in the liver tissue. Considering the discrepancy between the re­sults of normal liver stiff­ness values in the sonographic equipment of various manufacturers dynamic observation upon liver stiffness values should be per­formed using the same machine in the same individual on the depth of 2—5 cm from liver capsule, preferably by the same operator. Caution should be given while using thresh­old values of the normal liver stiffness on different equipment because it influ­ences the assessment of the liver stiffness measurements and, consequently fi­brosis stage.

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