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2019 Issue №4

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Ultrasound anatomy of the skin: review



A review of the skin ultrasound publications shows that this examination is one of the most popular diagnostic procedures in dermatology, cosmetology and oncology. Current research data defined the concept of "ultrasound ana­tomy of the skin", it is noted that an ultrasound examination of healthy skin with modern sensors can visualize three of its layers, appendages of skin and ves­sels of small diameter, located in the dermis and the upper layer of sub­cu­ta­neous fat tissue. The significance and possibilities of using the ultra­sound me­thod of skin examination for malignant neoplasms, primarily melanoma, have been shown. The high resolution of the method allows to draw conclusions about the formation size, its location in the skin layers, localization around ves­sels. The authors also describe the application of skin ultrasound in der­ma­tology and cosmetology, which is a new promising trend and thanks to which it is possible not only to visualize pathological changes in the skin, but also to mo­nitor the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures.


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