Physics, mathematics, and technology

2019 Issue №3

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Analysis of the Pos­sibilities of Introducing Blockchain Technology in the Banking Sector



The paper analyzes the main options for introducing blockchain technol­ogy in the banking sector. The foundations of the technology itself, its ad­vantages and limitations are considered. The option of introducing technology in the form of a combination of internal and external blockchains with the in­volvement of the resources of the regulator represented by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is proposed.


1. Федотова В. В., Емельянов Б. Г., Типнер Л. М. Понятие блокчейн и возможно­сти его использования // European Science. 2018. № 1 (33). URL: https:// (дата обращения: 31.08.2019).