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The supreme embodiment of reason is science
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2019 Issue №4

The communicative and pragmatic category of tolerance as a value constant in modern German linguoculture: the case of the newspaper Die Zeit
Author: Lenets, A. V., Teryukha, N. G.
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The linguistic representation of subjective time in Florian Illies’s novel Generation Golf zwei
Author: Bondareva, L. M.
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German youth slang as a reflection of modern reality
Author: Kulakova, K. V.
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On the speech-act nature of the verbal threat.
Author: Novozhenova, Z. L., Probst, N. A.
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The title of Alexander Pushkin’s novel The captain’s daughter as the textual dominant
Author: Lukyanenko, I. N.
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The branding of design hotels and hostels: the role of verbal communication
Author: Slesareva, A. A.
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Igor Raspopov and Antoloy Lomov: the founders of the Voronezh syntactic school
Author: Lomova, T. M., Kuzmenko, P. B., Kartavtsev, V. N.
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Literary studies
The eschatology of space in Mickiewicz’s Saint Petersburg poems and Pushkin’s The bronze horseman
Author: Maltseva, L. A., Mianowska, J.
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The mythopoetics of Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel The buried giant
Author: Mikheikina, A. A.
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The myth as a source of cultural legitimation: the rock and rap versions of Orpheus and Eurydice. Article 1
Author: Tsvigun, T. V., Chernyakov, A. N.
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Pedagogy and psychology
On the essence and mechanisms of non-verbal communications in a language class at a school for the visually impaired
Author: Nasyrova, A. A.
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The evolution of the competency-based and activity-based approaches to teaching languages to non-linguistics students
Author: Yavorskaya, A. A.
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