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2019 Issue №3

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Social standards of motherhood and childhood in the world and Russia



The aim of the study is to study the system of social standards of modern society and to assess the system of social norms and norms in the Russian Federation at the moment. The methods of analysis of the system of support of motherhood and childhood in Russia were used, as well as the method of com­parative characteristic of the system of support of motherhood and childhood in different countries of the world according to different criteria. The study revealed that one of the priority national projects in the Rus­sian Federation is the Demography project, which includes many programs to support mothers and children at both the federal, regional and municipal lev­els; and the comparison of the issue under study in other countries of the world showed that in our country one of the best systems of support of moth­erhood and childhood in the world according to various criteria, at the same time it is constantly expanding and modernizing taking into account changes in society and economy. For comparison, European, Asian, Latin American state programs supporting motherhood and childhood are investigated, which are largely determined by the current demographic situation, the level of eco­nomic development, historical, religious and cultural peculiarities.


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