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2019 Issue №3

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The dynamics of the world market of gold in the context of the present pulse geopolitical processes. Part 1. Introduction to the problem



The article is devoted to the analysis of the behaviour of bidders in the global gold market affected by short-term and medium-term geopolitical dis­turbances. The direction, volume, speed and time range of investments in gold are determined depending on the nature of geopolitical threats. Based on non-economic factors, the author reveals the main patterns of making trivial and non-trivial decisions on investing in gold. The first part of the article de­scribes the influence of geopolitical processes on the dynamics of the price of gold and the degree of its relevance. To achieve this goal the author employs the observation method and systemic, comparative and retrospective analyses. The global market of gold has its permanent professional participants, the in­vestment behaviour of whom directly affects the revaluation of the precious metal. There is another group of market participants acting strictly in the in­terests of the world leading players. This group does not significantly affect the fluctuation of the price of gold. The article explores the differences and similarities between actors of the gold market and the main players on the po­litical arena. The behaviour of professional participants in the gold market is conditioned by repeated and abrupt changes in the geopolitical space.


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