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There are no complicated sciences, there are only complicated interpretations
Alexader Herzen

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2019 Issue №02

Mathematics and computer science
Development of software module calculating area of the ground wave propagation for the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
Author: Vaganova V. V., Tkachenko S. N., Novikova E. P., Bodnya A. V.
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Impact of successive iterations of some conformal mappings on simple curves
Author: Kochina A. S., Protasevich M. N., Semenov V. I.
Article: Download
About one way of determination of prime numbers
Author: Malakhovsky V. S.
Article: Download
Building an optical local noise-resistant communication network
Author: Mikitiuk I. V., Molchanov S. V.
Article: Download
The use of coherent time-frequency multiplexing to improve the performance of the atmospheric optical communication system
Author: Molchanov S. V., Kalekina S. O.
Article: Download
Simulation modeling of the automated climate control system for growing plants in closed ground
Author: Revenko A. S., Fedyanin A. V., Gorbachev A. A.
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Development of a software complex on the quality assessment of a digital channel of communication of a marine mobile satellite service
Author: Rushko M. V.
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Development of simulation model of manufacturing process of the electro-pneumatic valve control unit
Author: Enoyarvi S. O., Tkachenko S. N., Maklahova I. S., Karpinskaya T. A., Pets A. V.
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Theoretical and experimental physics
Ship transmitting antenna system
Author: Ponymatkin V. E., Kuzelev A. A., Shpilevoy A. A., Karpinskaya T.A
Article: Download
Modeling of the image of the problem situation of medical diagnostics: challenges and state of the question
Author: Rumovskaya S. B.
Article: Download
Starovoitova O. V., Tukalenko O. N. Investigation of fluctuation characteristics in autogenerators on different transistors
Author: Savchenko M. P.,
Article: Download
Are there Everett worlds?
Author: Yurov A. V., Yurova A. A., † Shpilevoi A. Ja
Article: Download
ΛCDM-model with δ-function
Author: Yurov V. A., Chirikov R. V.
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