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2019 Issue №2

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Linguistic and pragmatic potential of metaphors in political discourse



The linguistic and pragmatic analysis of expressive means in political texts is gaining popularityamong researchers. The study of the role of meta­phor in enhancing the pragmatic effectiveness of political speech is relevant due to the fact that metaphor, being not only a way of expressing thought, but also being a thought itself, creates the necessary conditions for influencing the addressee's perception. This research is aimed at establishing linguistic and pragmatic means of achieving the planned pragmatic effect and exerting emo­tional pressure on the audience. Metaphor is an important tool for determin­ing the role of language means in enhancing the pragmatic potential of a polit­ical text. The main aim of the study is to explore the pragmatic potential of meta­phor by means of a systematic analysis of different types of metaphors typical of political discourse. Metaphors in political discourse are an effective tool of influencing the addressee's intellectual, volitional, and emotional state. Our research has shown that a wide range of metaphors is used for achieving a powerful information and emotional effect of political texts contributing to the pragmatic potential and a strong effect of a political speech.


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