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The supreme embodiment of reason is science
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2018 Issue №03

Mathematics and computer science
Normalization of the basic structural subbundles of the H(, L)-distribution of affine space
Author: Popov Y. I.
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Information technology in enhancing the effectiveness of municipal authorities
Author: Savkin D. A., Lishchuk I. V.
Article: Download
A sample assessment of the constellation form influence on noise immunity for reception of the QAM-8 radio signal in the Matlab environment
Author: Volkhonskaya E. V., Korotey E. V., Rushko M. V.
Article: Download
Ways to optimize the characteristics of active synthesizers frequency
Author: Savchenko M. P., Starovoitova O. V., Tukalenko O. N.
Article: Download
System analysis and methodology for developing a software product of a mathematical model of physical processes for the aviation industry
Author: Chizhikova L. A.
Article: Download
Closed lattice of Toda equations
Author: Yurov A. V., Yurova A. A., Chirikov R. V.
Article: Download
Theoretical and experimental physics
Metalanguage for hybrid intelligent systems of electrical networks visual control: problems and models
Author: Kolesnikov A. V., Listopad S. V., Maytakov F. G.
Article: Download
Non-contact method for measuring the specific electrical resistance of liquid metals in the high temperature range
Author: Nikishin M. A., Rumyantsev A. V., Kharyukov V. G.
Article: Download
On an analytical system for the integrated assessment of the environmental safety in an industrial enterprise
Author: Lizogub A. A., Lyahov G. G.
Article: Download
Seven stages of ADC connection for effective analog-to-digital conversion, minimizing noise elements
Author: Artemov D. G., Ponimatkin V. E.
Article: Download