Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2018 Issue №4

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Musical ekphrasis and musical code in N. Kononov’s novels



The article studies the representation of acoustic imagery in N. Kononov’s novels. The research focuses on musical ekphrasis and musical code in the context of all the acoustic nominations found in the texts. In the system of sensory codes, under the concept of "musical", the author puts the idea of reflection and introspection. The specific feature of Kononov’s style is its correlation with the visual and the tactile, it expresses the separation of the visible into the hidden and the obvious and emphasizes the "otherness" of the subject of perception. Thus, hearing is a means of individualization of the subject, a resource, permitting to disclose its unique personal and psychophysical features. The subjectively colored auditory is always eventful: the most important milestones in formation of personal self-consciousness correlate with musical ekphrasis. The musical code aims at giving the representation of meanings, perceived by the subject as "intimate", inimitable, possessing the quality of sensual revelation.


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