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There are no complicated sciences, there are only complicated interpretations
Alexader Herzen

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2018 Issue №02

Mathematics and computer science
A Grouped Hyperplane Distribution of an Affine Space
Author: Popov Yu. I.
Article: Download
The Simulation Modelling of a Hotel Facility
Author: Lishchuk I. V., Schpilevaya S. G.
Article: Download
Developing an Information System to Forecast the Expenditure of an Online Store, Using the Mamdani Algorithm
Author: Pavlova K. A., Bereza N. V., Bereza A.N, Beglyarov V. V.
Theoretical and experimental physics
Towards a Theory of Barotropic Geostrophic Currents
Author: Zaitsev A. A., Rudenko A. I., Alekseeva S. M.
Article: Download
A metalanguage for hybrid intelligent systems of electrical grid visual control: hierarchy, structure, situations, and states
Author: Kolesnikov A. V., Listopad S. V., Maitakov F. G.
Article: Download
An analysis of heterogeneous thinking techniques and the prospects for their implementation by hybrid intelligent multiagent systems
Author: Kolesnikov A. V., Listopad S. V., Rumovskaya S. B., Maitakov F. G.
Article: Download
On a technique for the automatic detection of events in the reflectivity of an optical fiber, using wavelet transforms
Author: Rudnev G. S., Shpilevoy A. A., Burmistrov V. I., Pozdnyakova N. I.
Article: Download
The Flow of Gas with Dispersed Particles in a Cylindrical Channel at a Subsonic Speed
Author: Velikanov N. L., Naumov V. A., Koryagin S. I.
Article: Download
Risk Analysis at Industrial Enterprises Exposed to Post-Earthquake Fires
Author: Suleimanov A. A.
Article: Download