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The supreme embodiment of reason is science
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2018 Issue №03

State and Law
The Development of a Criminalistics Theory in Russia and the United States: A Comparative Analysis
Author: Volchetskaya T. S.
Article: Download
Forensic Thinking and Crime Investigation Programming
Author: Bakhteev D. V.
Article: Download
The Disproportionate Expansion of the Object of Legal Regulation: The Concept and Forms
Author: Sekhin I. V.
Article: Download
On the Responsibility of the Ideas of Legal Positivism for Doctrinal Support for National Socialism in Germany
Author: Tushmakov A. G.
Article: Download
The Legal Regulation of the EU Immigrant Integration Policy
Author: Voynikov V. V.
Article: Download
Current Economic Problems
The Institutional Architecture of Territorial Innovative Systems: Towards a Spatially Targeted Regional Policy
Author: Mikhaylov A. S.
Article: Download
The Innovation-Promoting and Economic Functions of the State: An Analysis of Interrelations (the Case of the Republic of Belarus)
Author: Stepanenko D. M.
Article: Download
History. Historical sciences
Financial Support for the Red Army Personnel During the Great Patriotic War
Author: Shunyakov D. V.
Article: Download
From the History of the Kokand branch of the Volga-Kama Commercial Bank
Author: Alimjanov B. A.
Article: Download
East Prussia Between the French ‘Hammer’ and the Russian ‘Anvil’: The Napoleonic Era
Author: Sergeev V. V., Tanshina N. P.
Article: Download
Society and politics
Territorial Framework for Local Community Organization
Author: Sharygin M. D., Osorgin K. S. A
Article: Download
Near-border regions’ mass media within the context of public diplomacy: expert survey results’ analysis (the Case of the Saratov region)
Author: Vilkov A. A., Poponov D. V., Kazakov A. A.
Article: Download