Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2018 Issue №1

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Axiological content of the ‘altering modus’ of the inserted texts in the novel Morfo Eugenia by A. S. Bayette



The author shows a change of the axiological paradigm in the literature of the 20th—21st centuries using examples from the novel Angels & Insects by the contemporary British writer A. S. Byatt. Retreat from the traditional characterization in the creation of an artistic image and the aesthetic accentuation of its importance are manifested in the rejection of the unambiguous assessment of moral and ethical evaluation and emphatic characterological art image. The tale “Things Are Not What They Seem” brings together an ensemble of inserted structures, changing the prism of the axiological system, the plot and the meaning of the novel. It creates a wide variability of axiological senses, and the changable axiological poetics of the novel.


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