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2017 Issue №3

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Simulating of non-stationary processes in the ionospheric plasma



A model of distribution of concentration, velocities and temperatures of ions along a geomagnetic flux tube is considered. The model also examines the main processes of chemical kinetics, ambipolar diffusion, influence of horizontal neutral wind and plasma heating by superthermal electrons. The article presents numerical calculation results of variations of charged particles concentration in the ionosphere and the plasmasphere. The comparative analysis of various hydrodynamic approximations for the description of the ionospheric and the magnetospheric plasma is carried out. It is made on the basis of the numerical solution of the system of equations of energy, continuity and motion for O+, H+ ions and electrons along a power tube of the geomagnetic field. Differences between the hydrodynamic description and diffusive approach are especially considerable in the plasmasphere. These differences manifest themselves both in concentration of ions and in their velocities and have little impact only in distributions of temperature.


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