Physics, mathematics, and technology

2017 Issue №4

Dynamics of a cargo lift system


A device for lifting of a cargo is modeled by a mechanical system with three degrees of freedom. With the increase in the weight of the load is reduced the steady-state rotation speed of the drum, the settling time varies slightly. The calculation of the oscillation frequency of the cable relative to the vertical. It is established that change of the angular velocity deviations correspond to oscillations of mathematical pendulum with variable length strings. Reducing the axial moment of inertia of the drum, ceteris paribus, affects neither the steady-state angular velocity of rotation of the drum or the value of the steady-state elongation of the cable, but changes during the transition process. However, affects the frequency and magnitude of deviations of the cable from the vertical. The increase in the initial angle only leads to the growth of the largest deviations of the cable from the vertical; increase the aerodynamic drag of the cargo to its reduction.

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