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2017 Issue №3

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Key trends and features of the Canadian military-industrial complex during the Second World War



The article deals with the development of the Canadian military industry in 1939-1945. The effectiveness, organisation and scale of production of aircraft, ships, armored vehicles, artillery and small arms are analyzed. The author reveals the influence of geographic, economic, home and foreign policy factors on the type of weapons produced and the volume of their production. Using official Canadian documents and statistical publications, the author concludes that the military-industrial complex of Canada showed good performance indicators during WWII. However, having an impressive economic growth and rapid development of new industries, Canada, for several reasons, still failed to make the most of its economic, natural and human resources. As a result, Canada was only a junior partner of great powers in military production. Based on the structure of the Canadian military industry, the author draws a conclusion about the initial stage of globalization of the Canadian economy in the period under study.


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