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The supreme embodiment of reason is science
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2017 Issue №02

Mathematics and computer science
The derivation formulas and equations for an affine space structure from the point of view of smooth manifolds
Author: Shevchenko Yu.
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About fields of geometrical objects of the H -distribution of the affine space
Author: Popov Ju.
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Differential comparisons for the components of the curvature object of affine connection of the second order
Author: Ryazanov N.
Article: Download
A modeling the interaction of a oxygen plasma with a positively charged microsatellite with the molecular dynamics modeling method
Author: Zinin L., Sharamet A, Vasileva A.
Article: Download
About one algorithm of calculation of inverses in finite fields
Author: Aleshnikov S., Aleshnikova M., Gorbachev A.
Article: Download
An elementary solving of cubic Diophantine equations
Author: Aleshnikov S., Aleshnikova M., Gorbachev A.
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Theoretical and experimental physics
Model studies of the optimization procedure for the design parameters of the log-periodic C-band antenna
Author: Volkhonskaya E., Nikishin M.
Article: Download
Development of an erosion model of a discharge chamber of a stationary plasma engine
Author: Komarov A., Rumyantsev A.
Article: Download
Problems of modeling of the working processes of a stationary plasma engine
Author: Semenenko D., Rumyantsev A.
Article: Download
A dipole antenna with a modified fractal structure of the «Sierpinski triangle» type
Author: Ponimatkin V.,Tipikin A., Kazakov A., Podlubnaja G.
Article: Download
On the problem of signal reconstruction in the case of analog-to-digital conversion in communication systems
Author: Artemov D., Ponimatkin V.
Article: Download
A calculation of the diffusion coefficient of solids in watercourses
Author: Velikanov N., Naumov V., Koryagin S.
Article: Download
An analysis of mathematical models of the deformation state of the outer shell of the roller one-way clutches
Author: Zolotov I., Sharkov O.
Article: Download