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Ivan P. Pavlov

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2017 Issue №01

Mathematics and computer science
Representation of projective connections on the SH -distribution of the projective space
Author: Popov Ju.
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An influence of initial irregularities geometry on developments of the Rayleigh-Taylor instability in the equatorial F-layer of the ionosphere
Author: Kashchenko N., Matsievsky S., Ishanov S.
Article: Download
A dynamic visualizations of mathematic models of the singular points of hydrodynamics analytic functions
Author: Shpilevoy A., Khudenko V., Persichkina N.
Article: Download
About one training course introduction to specialty on mathematics
Author: Matsievsky S.
Article: Download
A solution of the transport task in relation to the cargo rail transportation
Author: Muzychin V.
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Theoretical and experimental physics
On the relations between the integrable hierarchies
Author: Yurov A., Yurova A.
Article: Download
An impacton solution for the vortex filament
Author: Chirikov R., Yurov V.
Article: Download
A simulation of technical support system objects of the regional electrotechnical complex
Author: Gnatiyk V., Dorofeev S., Kivchyn O.
Article: Download
On the monitoring of the state of the fiber-optic line
Author: Kyzmenko P., Shpilevoy A., Jagodkina E.
Article: Download
A balance of the homogeneous rod in an arc ellipse shape in the water stream
Author: Velikanov N., Naumov V., Koryagin S.
Article: Download
An analysis of mathematical models of the stress state of the outer shell of the roller one-way clutches
Author: Zolotov I., Sharkov O.
Article: Download