Philology, pedagogy, and psychology

2016 Issue №4

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The role of intertextuality in the formation of the opposition soul-body in Nikolai Kononov's «Eugenia's Genius»



The authors examine intertextual links between N. Kononov's story «Eugenia's Genius» (1998) and the myth of Cupid and Psyche from Apuleius «Metamorphoses, or The Golden Ass» by Apuleius, »Light breath» by I. A. Bunin and Roman M. Kundera's «The Unbearable Lightness of Being». The authors explore the role of these relations in the formation of the artistic concepts of «soul» and «body» in N. Kononov's works. The authors аnalyse similarities of N. Kononov's texts with the above mentioned works in their themes, imagery and vocabulary.


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