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There are no complicated sciences, there are only complicated interpretations
Alexader Herzen

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2016 Issue №04

The German agricultural discourse in the 17th century (based on the treatise «Stratagema oeconomicum oder Akkerstudent» by Salomon Gubert
Author: Polikarpov A., Kuznetsova T.
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Informational Field of Proper Names
Author: Korolyova I.
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The study of the organization of the concept ‘system’ in the Russian language consciousness
Author: Mironova D.
Article: Download
Functional and semantic aspects of threat in requestive speech acts (based on the Soviet and Russian feature films)
Author: Vasilyev S., Probst N.
Article: Download
Pragmatic aspects of gender-specific compliments in the English language culture
Author: Kurakinа N.
Article: Download
Pragmatic characteristics of complex sentences with relative clauses (based on German media discourse)
Author: Tomilova D.
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Literary Criticism
The role of intertextuality in the formation of the opposition soul-body in Nikolai Kononov's «Eugenia's Genius»
Author: Dmitrovskaya M., Lazareva E.
Article: Download
Grammatical aspects of depersonalization in Yegor Letov's idiostyle
Author: Chernyakov A., Tsvigun T.
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Pedagogy and Psychology
Psychological aspects of security rituals in higher education institutions
Author: Tylets V., Krasnyanskaya T.
Article: Download
The formation of critical thinking in foreing language learning
Author: Smirnova I.
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Modern approaches to university physical education: the experience of incorporating a fitness programme in the curriculum
Author: Semeniv D.
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Formation of the future teachers’ readiness to form social interaction abilities in preschool children
Author: Krakovskaia M.
Article: Download
Project-based learning as a means of developing cognitive abilities of exchange medical students
Author: Davlatova M., Prokofyeva L.
Article: Download
Personality in a multicultural world
Author: Vereshchagina A.
Article: Download
School conflict as a subject of historical and pedagogical research
Author: Butkus A., Samsonova N., Vrachinskaya T.
Article: Download
Metasubjet approach in junior high school
Author: Berezhnaya G.
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