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My faith is the belief that happiness will be given to humanity by scientific progress
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2016 Issue №02

Public history
Between profession and public engagement: Evolution of the public history movement in America
Author: Makhov A.
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Regional history
Implicit memory, or Once again on German civilians in Königsberg during the fortress siege in February — April 1945
Author: Kretinin G.
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Festung Königsberg in 1945: The garrison and its population. A reply to G. V. Kretinin’s remarks
Author: Willems B. (translated from the English by I. O. Dementyev)
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The incidence of malaria in the Kaliningrad region in post-war years
Author: Mankevich D.
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Towards better legal regulation of social relations
The role of constitutional courts in the mechanism of public authority responsibility in Russian regions
Author: Usenko Yu.
Article: Download
The system and structure of sources of corporate law
Author: Leskova Yu., Didenko A.
Article: Download
Legal consequences of the bankruptcy of an individual entrepreneur
Author: Nilov K.
Article: Download
Implementation of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code and amendments to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS 74/78) for ship-building
Author: Anyanova E.
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On transferability of highways
Author: Naniev A.
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Criminal penalties of material nature: Imposition and enforcement
Author: Timchenko A.
Article: Download
Regional economics
Some trends and features of investment activity in the Kaliningrad region
Author: Kharin A., Usanov A.
Article: Download
A sectoral and regional analysis of innovative activities of Russian enterprises
Author: Duplenko N., Smirnova O.
Article: Download
A management analysis of operating activities at a regional furniture enterprise
Author: Drok T.
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A school of thought presenting its achievements: Forensic situational studies at IKBFU
Author: Rener N.
Article: Download
Lannik L. Pobedonosnye proigravshie: germaskaya voennaya elita v 1914—1921 gg. [Victorious losers: The German military elite in 1914-1921] SPb.: Evrazia, 2015. 528 s.
Author: Chumakov A.
Article: Download
Entin M., Entina E. Rossia i Evropeyskiy soyuz v 2011—2014 godah: v poiskah partnerskih otnosheniy [Russia and the European Union in 2011-2014: A search for a partnership]. V. M.: Izdatelstvo “E”, 2015. T. 1. 864 s.; t. 2. 752 s.
Author: Turkina A.
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Anniversary of Professor Viktor Vladimirovich Sergeev
Anniversary of Professor Viktor Vladimirovich Sergeev
Author: Editorial Bord
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